Macbook Repair Wellington

Hi guys,
Just moved to Wellington after a while away and wondered if anyone had recommendations for a Mac repair place?
The left speaker on my Macbook Air has stopped working, and I wanted to get it replaced. I got a quote from for $199. Seems a bit expensive. Thought I'd start a thread here to get some suggestions for repair places. Thanks

geek_milan82, Feb 24, 10:01 pm

Before getting it repaired check the speaker balance setting in System Preferences. Select "Sound" in System Preferences and then check out the balance for Internal Speakers. Many moons ago the balance changed on one of my Apple Laptops for no discernible reason. Only ever happened the one time in 15 years.

geek_nealeb, Feb 25, 7:15 am

Good advice imho

geek_brycer, Jul 6, 10:03 am