Nexus 7 Tablet (by Asus)

mariner26, May 14, 11:42pm
Is there a Nexus 7 that has a rear facing camera as well as a front facing one?
I have a Nexus and the lack of a rear facing camera is one (minor) drawback.
Is there a Nexus model with rear facing camera available in NZ. If so, where might I buy one?
Thanks for any help and advice.

nice_lady, May 14, 11:46pm
hubby has a 2013 nexus 7, (wifi only) model and it's made by Asus and it has a rear facing camera, I thought they all did ?

zak410, May 15, 12:03am
yes the second generation Nexus7 has both front & back camera.

vtecintegra, May 15, 12:03am
Yes the 2013 has a rear camera. It isn't a very good camera though - you'll still want to use your phone where possible.

mariner26, May 15, 12:08am
Mine does not have one - and I thought they all did not have one and that has been a "failing" with them.
Recently stumbled across Nexus 7 for Dummies at the library and are reading it and playing with actions i did not know about. Ch 10 of book relates to taking pictures etc (sharing them and so on) and at page 129 it says one can take photos ". thanks to that rear facing camera".
I've googled and looked about a bit, even on Asus site but cannot find a model with rear facing camera.
I'm a bit puzzled so far.

intrade, May 15, 12:17am
i have the nexus 5 phone with front and rear camera

vtecintegra, May 15, 12:36am

Note they are an old model now so you'll have trouble finding one new.

zak410, May 15, 12:37am

suicidemonkey, May 15, 1:04am
The 2013 model has a rear facing camera but they're very hard to find now. I'm guessing they'll soon be replaced.

galex, May 15, 1:22am

mariner26, May 15, 1:28am
OK - thanks folks for all the info. As set out I have only just "bumped into" the rear camera option and details since picking up the library book.
I have had the Nexus for about 4 years now. The lack of rear camera was never an issue. On trips away in NZ and overseas I have used a digital camera and/or cell phone for pictures and videos. So, I really haven't kept up to date with the Nexus tablet upgrade/s.
I just got over excited when I got to Ch 10 in the "Dummies" book and figured that, maybe, an upgrade to the Nexus 2 would be a good idea.
Shall carry on regardless I reckon.
Thanks for all help.

mikep, May 15, 2:22am

mariner26, Nov 20, 3:00am
Thank you Mike.
Prefer the smaller 7" but shall mull over your information.

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