Dying computer?

family007, May 27, 6:20am
Acer 3800 desktop, 120gigHDD , windows 7. Plenty of memory and space on HDD. No errors or bad sectors.
Today while watching an online video, the screen went blue and a horrid noise came from the speakers! Sent the shits up me! Screen went corrupted and computer shut down.
So I just left it and this afternoon it took at least 5 times to get it to boot up. Got to screen and froze, or reached the Acer screen and froze, or made a long continuous beep. Then nothing!
Eventually starting in safe mode, I loaded the pc with open windows etc etc and it behaved! So I shut it down, left it, went back later and my partner had three attempts to start it up. Finally did.
I know I haven't given you much details, so I'm thinking off the top of my head with all these various errors its not the HDD, but I suspect either a windows error, dying motherboard or bad memory stick. What do you think?

suicidemonkey, May 27, 6:29am
If it started in safe mode fine, then I'd guess it's a Windows/driver problem.

wayne416, May 27, 6:30am
May not be bad, think what you have installed, updated recently.

schizoid, May 27, 7:04am
I'd do a memory test to rule that out. Also, is it a dedicated GPU or integrated? Because faulty graphics cards can often work fine in safe mode, but as soon as the drivers are applied artifact and crash.

If it is a faulty graphics card, that will at least be a simple and reasonably cheap replacement.

suicidemonkey, May 27, 7:06am
Good point

mikep, May 27, 8:05am
I've had a PC crash out in standard mode but ok in safe. Cracked open the case, gave the guts a blast with air, especially the video card, and it's still running sweet as.

So could be that?

xxsaffyxx, May 28, 10:26am
Mine often crashed to blue screen. and it was always when I was on FB. Any particular reason for that?

wind.turbine, May 28, 9:25pm
very possible due to watching a video, may have over heated although if left to cool down it should have restarted first time

cafc2012, Oct 7, 3:59am
The Acer beep code (in this case one long beep) suggests that it is a memory problem. I'd suggest taking out the memory modules and putting them back in making sure they are fitting nice and securely.

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