Wordpress people please [ckeditor]

mmmail, May 18, 7:03am
I've have CKEditor on my WP site [I need to use it, to work with an Amazon tool I generate content for my site with].

Following recent database work on my site, by my host, whilst CKEditor is still loaded and operating on my site, for some reason, it is not working in my blog text editor - could someone please give me some ideas, as to what the issue may be and how to resolve please?

I've take CK off and reinstalled and it work wells [ie, my site generates content from Amazon easy] - but does not function, on my blog!

Thanks for any help!

mattnzw, May 19, 3:16am
Why not use just the default editor? I suspect it is a hosting problem.

mmmail, Nov 7, 1:59am
thanks I'll look at doing that! Thanks again.

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