How could this happen

suzieq1969, Apr 4, 12:04pm
This has got me gobsmacked. I am with a landline telephone provider and I have call minder, where if I am not home people can leave a message. When I listen to that message it give me the date and time and what number the message was received from then you can hear the message. I have a friend with a different landline telephone provider. So far so basic and hey so what. Well here it gets interesting. I have on my call minder service a message (not a very nice one) received on said date at said time from friends number. The voice is definately that of my friend. When I confronted them about it they denied it. They went so far as to contact their provider and get them to send me a copy of there phone records for that day from said number. There is no record of them calling me at that time. WFT how is this possible. Clues, theories and ideas please

king1, Apr 4, 12:23pm
recorded previously and then played back from a different number.

suzieq1969, Apr 4, 1:27pm
Im not sure i get you, please elaborate (Who could have recorded what previously)

spyware, Apr 4, 11:11pm
Since when do service providers send call records to third parties.

skin1235, Apr 5, 12:53am
it was sent by them, they turned of tracking for the time it took to send it

recording and sending from a different number will display that different number

flower_tears, Apr 5, 1:34am
Beside the message which considered to be recorded by that "friend", did the number attached to that message match their phone number?, if so, I can only think of one way to do it, by using a VOIP client on PC/laptop/smartphone, just one point here, the client needs to confirm it's their real number before allowing using it, so in short, if your "friend" has done it on purpose, they knew exactly-and what they were doing!, could be wrong

suzieq1969, Apr 5, 4:02am
You lost me with that one flower-tears

lythande1, Apr 5, 6:51am
The phone company will not do such a thing.
Your friends voice.
Your friend is A)Lying B)not your friend.

suzieq1969, Apr 5, 9:12am
Yes I have to agree, but yes their phone company did sent me the records.

mike2090, Apr 6, 10:25pm
Are you sure the records really came from the phone company? I really doubt they would even send these to their own customer, let alone a third party.

ross1970, Mar 18, 9:58am
The friend left you the shitty message and then draughted up a fake call log on the pc, sent it to you. The friend is a fake just like the call log you received.

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