Message. printer spool is not working

springgrove, Jul 28, 10:33am
Ok this means my printer is not recognised. So it was installed 8 months ago how come now it is not being recognised . I used the trouble shooter to find/fix the problem but wonder why it occurred in the first place. Works now fine:) Any thoughts on what went wrong.

sqidlie, Jul 28, 10:41am
Have you just had some updates installed ?

r.g.nixon, Jul 28, 10:42am
The print spooler is part of Windows. It has to be running for *any* printer to work.

springgrove, Jul 29, 3:44am
Just had updates installed went to print out the gst return and it said the printer was not installed. Would the update have messed with the settings?

lucky.gadgets, Jul 29, 6:50am
1.) restart computer

springgrove, Apr 22, 4:58am
Restart didn't work, but sorted it through the trouble shooter, so all good and up and running. Thanks

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