If you're having issues with the Win 10 install.

You can download the media creation tool here and either use it to initiate the upgrade, or create your own USB drive or ISO to boot from:


geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 7:09 pm

As a customer, I expect my PC to update automatically and simply. Why do MS seem to make everything just that little bit difficult?

geek_awoftam, Jul 31, 7:14 pm

Because with numerous brands, millions of different hardware configurations and many different types of devices, it's never that simple. MS have to make their software work perfectly with a lot of variables in play. So "simple" unfortunately isn't always the case.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 31, 7:17 pm

Makes sense. I have checked my upgrades and it says there is nothing to be installed. I had a look at your link, found my Windows product key however will wait a bit, I can't see why I wouldn't get the upgrade. Will sort it - may just take a while lol

geek_awoftam, Jul 31, 7:21 pm

I just get a message "something happened"

geek_ctnz, Jul 31, 7:26 pm

except it hasn't cured itself

geek_ctnz, Jul 31, 7:40 pm

geek_csador, Jul 31, 8:08 pm

Thanks for that. Having been a long time geek that has upgraded all the way since 3.1 I had reservations about downloading and letting the software 'go for it' all by itself without having media.

geek_mr_bond, Aug 1, 7:58 am

Seconded for creating the ISO. I waited through the download and it crapped out trying to install. Started again, downloaded and backed up the ISO, worked perfectly.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 1, 8:26 am

I couldn't find a USB stick, the last pack of recordable DVD I bought years ago had been long confined to somewhere in the basement. I just saved the ISO to an external USB 3 drive, mounted it using a third-party tool (there's no native ISO mounting in win 7 explorer) and ran setup.exe. No problems.

geek_mm12345, Aug 1, 9:53 am

I have an HP with the OS on the D Drive, how do you install the ISO for windows 10, not looking at a clean install. Win10 has failed to install as an upgrade

geek_ctnz, Aug 1, 10:36 am

All comes to those that wait, well mostly anyway.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 2:51 pm

Be patient. Sometimes you may get a blank screen for a minute or two. It will probably continue successfully.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 1, 2:53 pm

it crashed 1 of my computers , which in the shop now, so won't be updating this 1 until its fixed.

geek_tigger8, Aug 1, 3:48 pm

It will be slow for a while, did an i7 with 4GB ram, slow as for a day then perked up to what it was with 8.1.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 4:18 pm

Running Win 8.1. Clicked on the Win10 upgrade (bottom right on address bar) and windows says cant upgrade because the Intel graphics media accelerator does not support Win 10. What now from you people who know about these problems?.

geek_breakaway46, Aug 1, 5:05 pm

I'm guessing you have a very old or obscure graphics chipset.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 1, 5:12 pm

r.g.nixon, As an old lady and still learning the computer I only take notice of what you say as I have been following you for a long time ,so I am reading and wondering is it ok to download windows 10 and are there any complicated questions and do I need any reg key, I bought my HP in Australia new last year,can I come back to you if I get into trouble ?

geek_napoleon49, Aug 2, 10:54 am

have your upgrades downloaded from windows update or have you forced the download?

geek_michellew2k, Aug 2, 11:46 am

I couldn't download it through windows update because microsoft are rolling out windows 10 at different times to everyone. I found that I had to use the media creation tool to download and make the iso and then I burned it to a dvd and booted from there and it installed fine.

geek_hayster94, Aug 2, 4:23 pm

I downloaded mine successfully I think. I have reached the stage where it has welcomed me back and now type in my password.I cannot get it right I thought I remembered it but nothing I type in there works and as I can't get into it can't get reset password or anything. Is anyone able to tell me what I can do please to get password?I am on my desktop this is my laptop I am talking about.

geek_boop2, Aug 2, 4:28 pm

if you never used to have a password try a blank password

geek_king1, Aug 2, 5:17 pm

Is it possible that the passwords that you have used on your lappy are the same as those used on your desktop?

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 5:26 pm

It should be relatively straightforward. No hard questions. No reg key required. Allow around 2 hours, depending how fast your computer is. You may see the odd blank screen for a while, apparent lacks of progress, even error messages. It will usually recover from those by itself. There will be several restarts during the process.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 2, 5:31 pm

why doesn't it just update like windows update?. just keeps saying failed and when I shut down it continually says their are updates but does jack

geek_prc1000, Aug 2, 7:08 pm

I used a pin on my lap and don't use password on desktop. I am the only one that uses my computers

geek_boop2, Aug 2, 7:11 pm

I don't remember using password but did use pin which won't open it now.I tried blank but one dot comes up otherwise the eye that you click on to enter password disappears.thankyou

geek_boop2, Aug 2, 7:13 pm

My PC has a get wndows 10 on screen and has a sign and dots swirling around saying working on it. Been going 2hrs 30mins Is this OK?

geek_lady-sadie, Aug 3, 10:10 am

Yes, just leave it. It will resolve soon.

geek_jhan, Aug 3, 10:25 am

Thanks jhan

geek_lady-sadie, Aug 3, 10:33 am

Currently have Windows 7. Went to download and it said that my Nividia GsForce 6150SE nForce 430.
The display manufacture hasn't made your copy compatible with Windows 10., Check with manufacture.
Tried a few things then this morning I phoned the tech people whom confirmed that there were many out there with the same problem. Their advise was wait a week or two and see what happens.

geek_merv., Aug 4, 1:25 pm

Just install 10 then install updated drivers.

geek_wayne416, Aug 4, 1:28 pm

I Posted this in another thread but may be of use to you also.
I did this with my PC via M$ website. Go to Win10 page and use Media creation tool.
Majority of people are getting 80240020 error, no explanation of the issue but it's basically saying install is interrupted (happening to my PC). Which is understandable as it acts as a Server/MediaServer on my Network too.

geek_neoslowmo, Aug 4, 1:38 pm

Did one yesterday, from download finish, ie start of install to complete, 6hrs. Running very well now.

geek_wayne416, Aug 4, 1:40 pm

Installed W10 on Surface Pro 2 yesterday via windows update, took max 45mins from D/L finish, all seems ok, easy to find were to turn "update upload" off and there's also an option for a month to revert back to 8.1.

geek_shinedog, Aug 4, 2:31 pm

Yes, grandaughter said her w10 on an 8.1 same with no problems.
Same house but I haven't got mine yet win 7.

geek_tony473, Mar 30, 3:58 am

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