is samsung galaxy tab 4 the latest model and about how much are they usually. thanks

geek_delmic, Aug 28, 10:44 am

geek_cameragod, Aug 28, 10:57 am

No the Samsung Tab S2 is the latest. Tab 4 is a couple of years old now.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 11:31 am

thanks guys

geek_delmic, Aug 28, 1:16 pm

At the price point that the Tab 4 was in, the Tab A is it's replacement. It comes with the same stylus and software that was included previously with the Note range, and is slightly smaller at 9.7" so as to allow it to be sold with Microsoft Office. It has also gone back to the standard 4:3 screen ratio and away from 16:9.

geek_cube_guy, Jan 8, 11:17 am

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