Best Gaming graphics card 4 $130 ?

crazydogtails, Apr 16, 10:57pm
Games Dayz and csgo bf3 :)

$130 and below preferably on trademe :)

schizoid, Apr 17, 4:27am
The GTX 570 is the best card listed here so far, by a fairly large margin.

(the 260x is almost as good, but I'd be put off by the fact the seller suspects it to be faulty anyway).

crazydogtails, Apr 17, 9:58am
Just got given a asus gt640 :O 2gd3, I am guessing that means 2gb Gddr3 ?

schizoid, Apr 17, 10:09am
Don't expect too much from it. GT 640's are about as good as a old 8800 GT, but with DX11. Cant complain for free though.

crazydogtails, Apr 17, 10:20am
Can they over clock or not worth it ? Any way will be good in the mean time :)

schizoid, Apr 17, 2:35pm
even if you can, it's not going to bring the performance up to anything respectable. Hopefully it makes a good stop gap before you can find something better. What are you coming from anyway? Intel HD integrated?

crazydogtails, Apr 17, 11:37pm
I have a amd build with a fx8320 but am swapping/Downgrading to a intelbuild :) So i will sell the amd build that has a gtx650 non ti. And when i have the money i will buy a decent gpu and psu and maybe the cpu one day :) (i5 2500 non k)

honeysacat, Apr 18, 12:03am
That is crazy
FX8320 passmark 8064
i5 2500 passmark 6471
FX8320>i5 2500

crazydogtails, Apr 18, 1:01am
But the amd is horrible for dayz :( Intel is better for dayz because it focus on quality per core

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 1:20am
Amazing that the AMD needs double the cores and 30watts extra to perform like 15 percent better. I'd prefer the non-overheating and non-powersucking Intel CPU. The 2500 is also more than a year older than the 8320. Intel win at efficiency.

Intel fanboy #4539

schizoid, Apr 18, 1:26am

honeysacat, Apr 18, 1:33am
Dayz does not have a particularly high CPU requirement (AMD Phenom II 940 recommended) if your having problems now its most likely the GTX650 causing it as even the 650 ti is weak by today's standards. I play more CPU demanding games than DayZ with a lesser CPU than yours without any issues (eg Planetside 2, BF4)

honeysacat, Apr 18, 2:31am
Another reason you would be crazy to go from an FX8320 to an i5 2500 (this is a biggie) is DX12.
This new API is part of windows 10 which MS is releasing very soon as a free upgrade.
DX12 is very multi threaded as opposed to the existing DX11 which for the most part is only single threaded.
This means the 8 cores of your FX8320 are going to become very relevant as opposed to how it is now with single core IPC being the factor.
With DX12 there is the possibility that relatively cheap 8 core FX CPUs will match high end i7s in gaming and the i5 series will be left for dead.
Early DX12 tests are already showing huge gains on AMD 8 core CPUs.

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 3:29am
Interesting. Source?

Edit: Google says Intel are incorporating DX12 compatibility into their chips too.

honeysacat, Apr 18, 4:01am

tail_red, Apr 19, 9:36pm
Wow, you actually have an 8800 Ultra? I remember those things were more of a "paper launch" like the Radeon HD 2900 XT, and nowhere I knew of had any stock. It was overpriced like crazy because of the stock shortage.

Which sub-vendor made it, and are you going to sell it? I'd pay up to $100 for it, just for its collectible value - if it's in good condition, and has original box.

tail_red, Feb 1, 8:18am
Sure, put it up, and I'll bid.

Those original 8800s make good physics companion processors, if you flash them with the Quadro FX 4600 BIOS. The later ones (G92) can't be flashed anymore to "unlock" Quadro capabilities - guess Nvidia has gotten smart about it.

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