Motherboard seems to be dead

Del Inspiron 660s. It seems the power cut out in the house and the computer stopped working. Everything but the motherboard else tests ok and I removed some of the kinds of capacitors that I am familiar replacing on motherboards to test them and they test ok and the remaining motherboard capacitors seem to test ok on the motherboard without removing them. Beneath the CPU plate on the underside of the motherboard there is black sheet of a sort of plastic insulating the underside of the plate from the underside of the motherboard solder points. It seems the plate gets screwed down so hard that one or two of the solder points are piercing theinsulator and marked the plate. What kind of thing can I sue to make sure the plate is not touching the soder points or would htis wven be a problem. I think I can see one larger and one smaller scratch point on the plate that has come from raised solder points on the underside of the motherboard.

geek_olack, Aug 13, 3:13 pm

If it was caused by a power outage, the best step is for the owner to get it replaced under their contents insurance. If no insurance, then THEY need to pay $200 plus your time to replace the motherboard.

geek_d.snell, Aug 13, 3:47 pm


geek_olack, Aug 13, 4:17 pm

I seriously hope you are not charging people for your "services". Your knowledge seems to be severely lacking. I also hope this is not representative of the PC service industry.

geek_schizoid, Feb 22, 10:30 pm

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