App/octet stream email attachment

I have an email from known source with attachment shown with filename 23456.txt
When I click on download I get message "You have chosen to open "Untitled" which is: application/octet-stream from

geek_camac99, Apr 2, 5:31 pm

Upload the encoded part to
I had a jpeg that went like that.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 5:46 pm

and just in case, check with the 'known source' that they know about it.
Not uncommon for names/emails etc to be forged

geek_king1, Apr 2, 5:53 pm

Have tried that, now have a file "Untitled.b64dec". What can I use to open it

geek_camac99, Mar 30, 10:57 pm

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