Gateway computer

sweettreats, Apr 12, 12:53am
my gateway desktop computer has all of a sudden stopped going wireless but will work fine with the cord from pc to modem how do i get it to go back wireless

namtak, Apr 12, 2:01am
Could be a driver issue or perhaps the wireless card is shot.

newbie5, Apr 12, 5:38am
Your headline states the problem

gibler, Apr 12, 6:19am
gateway . a blast from the past!

mattnzw, Apr 12, 11:19am
What are the specs of the PC? Is it still running windows xp, as it sounds like one very old PC. I suspect you can probably buy a more powerful newer computer on trademe for $25, then buy a new wireless usb adapter.

neoslowmo, Apr 12, 12:51pm
I kind of thought the same thing, man I haven't seen one of those Desktops in years.

vtecintegra, Feb 24, 7:55am
Gateway is just one of Acer's budget brands - they're actually still in business

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