Help please - computer slow and jerky

I have a HP laptop which is 5 years old. Nothing much stored on the hard drive. Used for emails and looking at Stuff, I Tunes, Trade Me. Internet connection is Spark ADSL. Internet browsing pages are slow to load. When browsing them and clicking the right hand arrow to go down the page the computer is slow to respond then reacts really fast so that rather than progressively reading a page it is jerky i.e. slow/fast/slow. Very annoying. Any suggestions?

geek_alfredtonroad, Aug 8, 6:08 pm

Have you run the free versions of , and ccleaner from on the machine ? If not, do that fisrt then see how you go.

geek_rojill, Aug 8, 6:41 pm

geek_king1, Aug 8, 10:10 pm

Thank you rojill and king1.
After running the programs you suggested my computer seems to be loading pages more quickly and it is less jerky.
Do you think upgrading to VDSL will help improve the speed?
(Fibre not available in the region I live in).

geek_alfredtonroad, Aug 9, 5:58 pm

yes and no, if you make use of dropbox and cloud storage it will help quite a bit. what you will do is increase the bandwith between you and your ISP, beyond that it will depend on how fast/busy websites are, peak traffic etc
Personally I would - its cheap enough nowdays

geek_king1, Mar 9, 5:12 am

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