Idiot here .printer issues

scorpion2, Jun 27, 11:25pm
google is not helping me much .
I have a Brother MFC-J6510DW printer
Computer is running windows 7
mail program is Thunderbird with two in boxes , one for me and one for wife.
if we print emails = no problem.
my issue is scanning . I can scan to file ok
but if i try to scan to email i get
"there is no default e-mail application registered on your computer.
please configure the default e-mail application
thank you

king1, Jun 27, 11:31pm
It probably doesn't have all its defaults set

choose default programs in the start menu
choose set default programs
Select Thunderbird (mozilla) and then 'set this program as default'

scorpion2, Jul 15, 11:16am
thank you for pointing me in the right place
as it helped me to get it sorted

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