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johnhb, Dec 7, 7:04am
Anyone having problems with the above, specifically with pixelation? Mostly recording is OK, but- frequently- on an apparently random basis the picture deteriorates dramatically, goes all pixelated, and refuses to play further. The ONLY solution I've been able to come up with is to fast forward past that point (if I can) then slowly rewind until just after the point. After doing that half a dozen times I began to think. hmmm. Who's got the problem here with this not inexpensive product? Have already returned the box back to Dish in Hamilton (apparently there's no agent here in Auckland) a few weeks back, and in spite of upgrading to the latest version of the software,. the problem continues. We live on the north shore in Auckland and have otherwise excellent reception so my hunch is that it's the Magic TV box that's responsible. Googling it I see I'm not the first to experience this incredibly frustrating problem with this product and wonder if anyone else out there has come up with a solution/ realistic and understandable explanation of what the %#!# is going on?

mikep, Dec 7, 10:19am
I've had a MTV for a few years and no problems except for a couple I figured out myself (doing dumb things) - just checking: is the pixellation when you're playing back a recorded program? Pixellation is symptomatic of bad reception, but for playback (where the original was okay) it could be a failing hard drive. They take standard internal HDDs so it would cost less that $100 to replace.

air.rowcj, Dec 8, 9:50pm
I have one . Brilliant HD quality . Went better after I upgraded the antenna cable to RG6

johnhb, Dec 8, 10:17pm
Thanks for that air.rowcj, but what's a 'RG6'? And how do you upgrade the antenna cable- like from what to what? And- is there a user-friendly, helpful site to ask questions about the Magic Box

rayonline_tm, Apr 16, 4:18pm
RG6 is the current standard for the TV cable from the aerial to your wall socket.

Basically you pull the cable off the aerial and replace the cable. You use a knife and strip a bit of the cable insulation off and put metal end bit oin it so you can screw the cable to the aerial and you can screw the cable to the wall socket (behind the wall).

You don't need a crimpler tool really. If it is behind the wall it doesn't need to be weather sealed and if it is at your aerial - provide some tape over it. A crimpler tool does cost $40-60. You can get F connectors that is crimpler types and hand screw in types.

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