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Who is good and what are their phone number please

geek_youngmummy11, Apr 23, 12:18 am

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 12:36 am

I have always found actrix to be good. Not the cheapest, but good speed, and very responsive customer service (once i emailed them a non urgent query at like 10pm, and id hardly clicked send before my phone (and i hadnt included by number so they must have taken the time and looked it up first) rang, with a guy calling from Actrix to answer my question.

They also spend hours with me when I first joined trying to get a (non Actrix supplied) router I had purchased set up (turned out the router needed new firmware).
This was back in 2011, so it is possible that their customer service isnt as good now, but assuming it is, id recommend them, as the slightly higher costs, to me are worth it to get decent consistent speed, without capping, bandwidth rating or disconnects, and to be able to phone at most hours, have your call picked up as fast as if you were phoning your mum, and get a human being who speaks legible english, and actually understands how to solve problems, rather than just reading a script.

geek_ck59, Apr 23, 6:35 am

From what I can see those links only review network performance and speed, not customer service, or individual experiences of network performance.

geek_ck59, Apr 23, 6:39 am

Ps there are lots of reviews on most nz isps on this site


Look for broadband provider reviews in nav bar on the left.

geek_ck59, Apr 23, 6:44 am

Yeah but OP just asked "what's good". Pretty vague question.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 10:41 am

We have had an excellent run with Fyx for almost 3 years and soon will be switching over to their sister company Maxnet to take up their Unlimited package for streaming.

geek_morticia, Jan 21, 8:58 am

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