ratherbefishin, Mar 13, 2:29pm
Why do we need all these electronic goodies? What was wrong with sitting down and talking to each other, reading a book to learn, and getting outside? This electronic stuff is so intrusive and time taking. I am considering giving all the electronics away. no TV, no cell phones. back to basics. People can come and visit, talk and or write me a letter. All this electronic stuff is totally unnecessary. I could live quite happily without TV adverts, bad news rammed down our throats. time to look outside me thinks.

ratherbefishin, Mar 13, 2:30pm
I might relent at the fish finder though. haha

shazpetal, Mar 13, 6:02pm
each to their own but I love all the electronic gadgets

lythande1, Mar 13, 6:38pm
Some of us don't.
I have 1 desktop PC, a non-smart (and not internet enabled) cellphone and nothing else.

mazdasix, Mar 13, 7:01pm
Is it not ironic that you post this on an online forum on your computer?

Screw outside and actual communication. I'll stick to my screen.

king1, Mar 13, 7:23pm
pray to the sun gods for a decent solar flare - you might get more than you bargained for though.

gadgetman, Mar 14, 12:40am
Had a few days hippyfying at Rainbow Gathering in Karamea. No electronic gadgets was the rule and cars were left at the gate. I could put up couple days of vegan eating, singing and all the hugs until I took a break to check my email at Kohaihai carpark. I love gadgets but I have no TV in my mobile home.

ctnz, Mar 14, 2:50am
Burn the heritic, burn him I say!

..pip.., Mar 14, 4:46am
Obviously not unnecessary for those of us that have them. Just because you have electronics doesn't mean you dont talk to people anymore. In fact being more informed about the world means that we have more to talk about.

-mung-, Mar 14, 5:08am
It's not the gadgets, it's how we use them.

I like that I can read a pdf on the couch with an iPad.

I don't like that I'm always connected and expected to be available because of that.

yjeva, Mar 14, 5:13am
The gadgets are not intrusive. I have a basic mobile phone that doesn't even take photos and it never intrudes. Neither does my computer if I don't turn it on.

mazdasix, Mar 14, 5:26am
Sometimes I walk into poles when I'm texting

gammelvind, Mar 14, 7:49am
I like the electronics, use the features I like, leave the rest. Turn the tv off when people visit, talk with my wife, use the mute button on the adverts and only watch programs that interest me. That's me, you want to get back to a basic lifestyle, that's cool for a holiday but stuff that for a bunch of chickens for day to day.

mike16, May 18, 3:22pm
I've got all the gadgets and some of them I have two of . and I love all of the mothers !

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