ZOOM web media.

nzoomed, Mar 17, 7:40pm
Im sick of these people calling me, seriously ive had two calls from them in the last two weeks, and even more over the last 12 months or more.
Dont they get that i dont want their fraudulent services?
Unfortunatley they are not based in NZ, so the NZ Marketing Association database does not even apply here.

Ive told them that i dont want to recieve any more calls from them but that hasnt worked. These guys are such try hards.

DONT pay them the $500 they want to "optimize" your website.

nzoomed, Apr 16, 2:19am
Bump, these idiots are still calling me every week!

king1, Apr 16, 2:39am
second review from 'Jesica from Aukland, Newzealand.'

An Aucklander misspelling Auckland. I don't think so.

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 3:08am
I'm pretty sure every review on that page is fake. No one provides that amount of info in a review.

munchnz, Apr 16, 3:38am
They have some really bad spelling and grammer mistakes on their main page, example: "As soon as you approach us with your quarries and custom requirements, our customer support team attends you and tries their level best to understand your needs. After that they forward your needs to the concerned department.". Website says they are in Canada, a whois search shows domain registered to a place called '1stopesol' in New york, their email is domain@zoomwebmedia.com who are based in Texas and have NZ contact numbers (among other countries) for zoom media on their contact page; http://www.zoomwebmedia.com/contact.php

-bookzone-, Apr 16, 6:05am
They phoned me a number of times, and only stopped when I acted like I didn't know anything about the domain name they were phoning about, and insisted my number was just a home phone number, not one that had any businesses!

morticia, Apr 16, 6:09am
I think Jesica might have English as a third language. .

richardw13, Feb 13, 8:11pm
Get caller display. You can easily tell which are the scam calls, as they are not usually private. As they use autodialers, they will never leave a message.

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