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mr-word, Apr 7, 2:52am
Their are a few flash counterfeit usb drives getting 404 errors which is pleasing. I think trademe are quietly pulling them off the site.

mr-word, Apr 7, 4:24am
Alert. A crooked trader is trying to selling a gold 1 terabyte usb 3 drive for $250. Buying this drive means you are asking for trouble. A lady early on this thread bought a "gold bar 256GB" and experienced problems with it.

lissa25, Apr 7, 7:20am
yep, that was me, looks identical to the 1tb one you refer to, both the trader i bought off and trademe have apologised, however no refund has turned up yet. it looks good and shows same properties as full size, BUT just fills up the 8gb (5.3 usable after hack software etc) and then proceeds to overwrite. hard to notice it isnt right until you try and use the saved content and its all empty folders.

vondi, Apr 7, 8:02am
In my experience, 404 error means that TradeMe has frozen the listing and requested seller to provide docs to prove authenticity.

mr-word, Apr 7, 9:26am
You have a bad 8 gigabyte memory chip with 5.3 gb usuable space.
Every 5.3 gigabytes it will overwrite the oldest files on the drive
The overwritten files will be in a blank directory.

Type B?

mr-word, Apr 7, 9:42am
Dhgate or alibaba is where the drives come from.

Note sold as 256 GB.
But look at specifications.
Capacity: ?

mr-word, Apr 7, 9:44am
The specifications are cut and pasted into trademe auctions. Interface: USB2.0
Reading Speed: 3M/S
Writing Speed: 2M/S
USB Service Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V
Environment Temperature: -40C - +70C
Storage Temperature: -50C - +80C
Storage Lifetime: More than 10 years
Operating System: Win98/ME/2000/XP/ Vista/7 , Mac OS 9.X/Linux2.4
Convenient to carry
Easy to read and read in high speed
No need drive, only plug in
No need power supply
Support USB ZIP/HDD startup
Small style and fashionable
Shock resistance, damp proof, lighting resistance, antimagnetic
Can endure impact and knock of 3 meters fall
Use A-class chip, can be erased repeatedly for 100,0000 times

suicidemonkey, Apr 7, 10:00am
I've reported the 1TB drive. 1TB USB drives literally don't exist on the market, so easy to see this one is a fake.

Good to see there are currently no 256GB/512GB drives listed.

mr-word, Apr 7, 10:02am
Toshiba fakes source: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/20pcs-lot-Free-shipping-32gb-64gb-USB-Flash-Drive-2-0-Cheap-32-64gb-U-Disk/342810_1531180421.html

Read the product description! Please note:
This USB flash drive is upgrade USB flash drive,it's real capacity is 8gb,but it will show as 64gb when plug into computer or smart phone.The brand logo will come with on the card and package as original. We don't sell any black chip USB flash drive and would also specify clearly the real capacity of each flash drive instead of cheating buyers.Each USB flash drive will be double tested stictly on our computer to see if it works properly and its capacity is real.All the USB flash drive from us will come with 1 year warranty. Thanks for your supporting our business !

mr-word, Apr 7, 10:05am
I've noticed the sellers getting sloppy and including watermarked photos of their source.

suicidemonkey, Apr 8, 8:34am
The 1TB drive just got taken down.

From what I can see there are no other dodgy drives listed. Job well done all.

mr-word, Apr 8, 11:29am
Keep up the good work.

gibler, Apr 9, 10:14am
but how much in the way of fees have you cost TM?

mr-word, Apr 9, 10:59am
Thanks but don't link to trademe auctions directly. Counterfeit/fake source okay though. The alibaba autction has a riddle.

"You will never miss it.If you are not professional, you will not find out the problem" Only professional users such as photographers or videographers will find out that these are defective memory cards. Or power users who test their flash memory before use.

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 11:09am
Yeah pays not to link the auction, Trademe don't like it and will remove this thread.

mr-word, Apr 9, 11:25am
You can never know. Close to 2 grand in fraudulent auctions stopped so
far. $100-$150 in success fees.

mr-word, Apr 11, 8:08am
Title USB memory key 128GB
X 2 Auctions
Type Capless/Swivel drive.
Brand: Generic
No reserve $41

mr-word, Apr 16, 7:23am
Community watched it thanks.

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 7:25am
Me too. Thanks

mr-word, Apr 16, 9:26am
Toshiba "Suzaku" usb 3 flash drives are now being sold by several traders.
They are only sold in europe or USA not available in New Zealand and Australia. Fakes have no size capacity or read speed quoted on box and are in red cardboard packaging or loose.

Real packaging.
http://www.toshiba-memory.com/export/sites/toshiba-memory/images/products/downloads/blister/THNV64SUZBLACK_BL5_blister.jpg http://www.toshiba-memory.com/export/sites/toshiba-memory/images/products/downloads/blister/THNV32SUZBLACK_BL5_blister.jpg

mr-word, Apr 18, 4:29am
Alert novelty usb flash drive buyers.
=Ironman 512gb USB 2.0 (no joke)= X2

gsimpson, Apr 18, 6:59am
Hmmm. Finding the Ironman 512GB USB3.0 drives on Alibaba.
Available for as low as $2 each.
In specifications of the listing it says 32-64GB and USB 2.0

suicidemonkey, Apr 18, 7:01am
Never ending.


mr-word, Apr 21, 3:57am
Fake sony usb flash drive
Actual title:

That same guy (egg) is at it again this time selling fake sony with a 256GB sticker on it for $60. He made a typo in the title.

The the largest usb flash drive at the sony store is 64GB and sells for $89.99 US dollars.

mr-word, Apr 21, 4:22am

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