Adblock Plus on Palemoon.

sykotik_ninja, Feb 23, 10:34pm
Anyone know if there is a update? Currently running 2.6.6 last updated December last year but Ffx is on 2.6.7 updated January 2015.

I see ads (dead) people on a couple of sites. Trademe included.

wayne416, Feb 24, 12:08am
I run Palemoon but not Adblock Plus, i use Adblock Edge which i find better and less resource hungry.

wayne416, Feb 24, 12:11am

sykotik_ninja, Feb 24, 12:13am
Yeah I saw Adblock Edge there, got me wondering. I think I'll try it out.


sykotik_ninja, Feb 24, 12:14am
Yup, got AdwCleaner.

sykotik_ninja, Feb 24, 12:18am
Cheers Wayne. I don't see ads people anymore.

wayne416, Feb 24, 12:22am
I find Edge much better than Plus, just make sure you uninstall Plus.

sykotik_ninja, Feb 24, 12:25am
LOL, I disabled it, just uninstalled now, cheers.

wayne416, Jul 10, 4:26pm
You can manually update if you wish also, add ons, Adblock Edge, options, filter preferences, actions, update filters. I have never needed to do it, i just let it do its own thing.

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