Chrome has disappeared

Hi just wondering if anyone can help. Chrome has deleted itself from my laptop. I've been trying to bring up internet explorer. It flashes onto the screen for a second and then it's gone. I've run malwarebytes and done a virus scan plus done a system restore. My lappy is an Acer running win 8.1. I'm at work so can't do anything until this evening. Any help would be much appreciated

geek_zizzy41, Jul 2, 8:26 am


geek_black-heart, Jul 2, 8:56 am

Yep tried a restart

geek_zizzy41, Jul 2, 9:01 am

geek_king1, Jul 2, 11:10 am

Thanks. Will try when I get home

geek_zizzy41, Jul 1, 10:08 pm

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