I had Skype installed on my computer and when a nerd had to remove and re-install windows (in order to get rid of AVG), Skype and other things wouldn't work. Everything else I have managed to retrieve, but Skype just says "sorry we couldn't log you in" ! Can anyone help with this.

geek_gearbox1, Jun 6, 4:28 pm

interesting how people come here seeking help and feel its needed to bring up the n word - but since you have - off to google with you

geek_trade_menow, Jun 6, 4:31 pm

Find an older version to install, then let it update. Some people are striking an issue installing the newest version from scratch. Google it to see if you have the same OS etc as them.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 6, 5:21 pm

Reinstalling Windows to get rid of AVG. seems odd when it can be easily uninstalled using he removal tool. Mewonders if your "nerd" made any money out of this?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 6, 5:59 pm

No, actually you cannot uninstall AVG using only the uninstall tool - duh, I tried that first. AVG have now put a block in place which does not allow you to do that. Unless you renew their "subscription", it will start blocking anything you try to download. Believe me I have been thru this before when I did uninstall it, then this time around I find the block in place and the only way to get rid of it is to uninstall Windows and re-install it !
Thanks for the Skype help folks !

geek_gearbox1, Jun 6, 7:11 pm

That is not correct.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 6, 7:15 pm

Revo or even ccleaner can easily remove avg.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 6, 7:27 pm

Right . the above info is not correct !
This from a wanna-be nerd !
(ex rep cricketer, ex rep footballer, high board diver , 2 handicap golfer, player of guitar, uke, banjo - )
Again -- i wish i could assimilate like a nerd ! Lucky bastards ! :)

geek_mike16, Jun 6, 8:42 pm

Send email to Skype . They will help you

geek_traderat, Jun 7, 1:41 pm

For some time now my Skype has been playing up as in the fact it is hard to understand what people are saying ( it echos ). Is there something I can do to remedy this or, should I uninstall then reinstall again. I did do an update and this has happened ever since. Frustrating for an older computer user !

geek_softlysoftly8, Jun 7, 4:15 pm

How big are the pigs wings?

geek_moltenfire, Sep 7, 5:08 am

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