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cjdnzl, May 7, 11:44am
Got an email message purporting to come from Xtramail about a request to terminate my account, which I do not want to do (but I am tempted!)
I tried to forward the suspect email to Xtra at, and was surprised to get a message back saying my message was undeliverable as the user's mailbox is full. They provided another address to which I emailed the same query, and that box was full!
How the hell can an ISP have a full mailbox? Two of them even? My flabber is gasted!

suicidemonkey, May 7, 11:52am
Firstly, even ISPs can't have unlimited mailboxes.

Secondly, move to Gmail and forward your messages, problem solved. Xtra e-mail is run by Yahoo and is absolutely terrible.

cjdnzl, May 7, 12:30pm
Yes, but I believe that ALL emails are stored FOR EVER by Gmail even after you have personally deleted them, and I do not wish to leave a permanent trail of my temporary messages, thank you.

lythande1, May 7, 6:28pm
Telecom do not do mail - it's outsourced to Yahoo. Everyone knows Yahoo is the pits.
And why forward stuff like that? It probably is jammed full with endless emails about the endless scams that abound.
Delete your spam and move on.

wayne416, May 7, 9:22pm
I use this, about the best,

macman26, May 8, 9:30pm
That works well. 2 days in a row now I keep getting. " Your registration could not be processed at the moment. Please try again later" I think I'll keep to our hotmail and gmail

wayne416, May 8, 9:44pm
Thats not a GMX problem, its your ISP, probably Vodofone. Try on phone or another computer or install this, only need it for signup.

macman26, May 9, 12:25am
Aint you cleaver. Thanks for that worked a treat. Also I'm not with Vodafone. It's worse than that. I'm with slingshot. But at least it's cheap.

wayne416, Dec 10, 4:10am
I have a few friends that now use GMX and are very happy with it but 2 couldn't sign up for the same reason, took a while to work out why, both with Vodafone.

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