johnhb, Apr 7, 7:59am
Anyone familiar with the programme Tumblr? I find it an interesting programme but don't get, for instance, the obsession with Holmes & Watson but also the basic premise behind it all. Can anyone help?

oclaf, Apr 7, 10:33pm
https://www.tumblr.com/ ? It's a blogging platform with extra focus on image and photos. The obsession with Sherlock probably comes from an individual user whose blog you are looking at, but that is just 1 of thousands of bloggers using the site. People blog about anything from the obscenely mundane to the incredibly interesting. Maybe this will explain it:

sykotik_ninja, Apr 8, 3:04am
Just stay away from the dark side that is Tumblr. Some things you just cant un-see.

johnhb, Mar 6, 8:14pm
Thanks. Always have the feeling that I've wandered into a conversation that seems odd, and excessive. As you rightly point out, I probably have! I like the dark side of Tumblr and yes, whoever has the thing with Sherlock clearly has a lot of time on their hands (or their boss hasn't seen what they're REALLY doing all day. ). Whatever, it's a great site and thanks for the info on blogging.

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