Win7 start up failure missing system registry file

macker6, Apr 17, 3:13am
Status: 0x000014c
Info: windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing or corrupt.

We do not have a installation disk so cannot fix that way. We have tryed the F8 method too.
Please does any one have advice on a fix.

king1, Apr 17, 3:21am
system restore will sometimes rectify this.
in the f8 menu choose repair, let it do its thing. If that doesn't work you can then startup system restore and go back to earlier points

macker6, Apr 17, 3:42am
Hi thanks for your suggestion have tried doing restore and didnt work. Any other suggestions much appreciated thanks

cookee_nz, Apr 17, 7:04am
Just wondering how did you install Win7 in the first place without a disc? - one obvious answer would be that it's a brand-name PC and it was pre-loaded but you should still have the capability to restore the original software. Do you have the COA with product key on the side/underneath?

macker6, Apr 17, 7:37am
HI its a laptop we are having problems with. its an Acer Aspire 5740. We think it was preloaded with win7. We dont know what a COA is and where to look for this

r.g.nixon, Apr 17, 7:50am
If you go to & put in Windows COA, you'll see some.

ntalke, Apr 17, 7:59am
Will find it's Alt/F10 will take you to the recovery partition To Add

family007, Apr 17, 8:10am
Having a similar problem with my Samsung Ativ Smsrt PC. Not smart. It was running Win8.0.,Through the store I can upgrade to Win8.1. So I did and the PC went to restart, but it couldn't.
File BCD ox0000034
Didn't have any disc or stick with it so its been sent up to Auckland at Samsungs suggestion. So I sit and wait. Its not under warranty( bout 8 months). The repair agent for Samsung is going to try and get this fixed under warranty as they think it was their stores software that caused my problem. I don't hold my breath and am prepared to pay $90 for labour.
The guy at Samsung was really helpful. Unlike Harvey Norman whose repair person wouldn't even take a bloody look!

macker6, Apr 17, 8:25am
We have tried the alt/f10 method but we get a blue screen with: A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer
Technical information:*** STOP: 0x00000074 (0x00000002 , 0x8ca2dba8 , 0x00000002 , 0xc0000022).
The COA on the bottom of the laptop has been worn away over time so there is no product key

macker6, Apr 17, 8:58am
Hi just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions that we can try thanks

wayne416, Apr 18, 12:14am
You said you tried f8, it can be tricky to get into.

cookee_nz, Apr 18, 7:10am
An Acer Authorised Repair centre will have a copy of the original recovery discs for this model but may not be Win7, and they will have a service charge. Alternatively you may also be able to order a set direct from Acer. - there will be a charge, usually around $75 give or take but bear in mind that this assumes there is not also a hardware fault actually causing the problem - bad RAM, HDD error etc. Alternatively you could purchase a retail copy of WIndows but you may still have to download drivers etc from Acer and if one of the Drivers you need is for the Network adapter you won't be able to get online to download (but could via another PC) - all in all, original recovery for the inexperienced is generally easier.

macker6, Apr 19, 6:05am
Hi everyone thanks so much for all your suggestions and help. I remembered when we bought the laptop we took out an extended 5year warranty on it. Have just found the warranty papers and it expires on the 8\5\2015. Would it be worth taking the laptop back to the shop bought from since its still under its warranty?

vtecintegra, Apr 19, 6:17am
Yes of course. Be prepared for an argument though.

wayne416, Apr 19, 6:22am
Worth a shot if its a hardware fault but you will have a hard job for a free fix if its software which i think will be the case. Talk nicely you may get a cheap reinstall.

macker6, Apr 27, 4:12am
Hi everyone took the laptop in for them to have a look and see if it could be fixed. They rung with a quote to fix because it was a software fault. The quote is $120 which my teenage son thinks is cheap or reasonable. They also said that even if we didnt want it fixed there was a service charge of $65 which we were not told about when dropping it off. I said that I would discuss it with my husband before they were to go ahead and fix it. We think at this stage we will go ahead and get it fixed and when it comes home will do a backup on it. Do you guys think the quote they gave us is reasonable?

wayne416, Apr 27, 4:26am
Go to a small repairer, one man band sort, see if he will burn you a copy of a legit win 7 to disc [use to cost $10] and install and activate with label number on computer. Either that, get it fixed or throw it away.

family007, May 2, 10:03am
Great news today. Got a email from the repair agent for Samsung. My c has been fixed, needed a new docking connector and was also restored to factory settings! Free of charge!
Samsung covered all costs, and I pick it up from the depot tomorrow! ????

black-heart, Dec 23, 8:26am
It's not software, otherwise the alt/f10 restore partition wouldn't have had a blue screen of death.
Most likely the HDD is faulty.(it could be a lot of other things) your repairer is going to find out the hard way. Also your likely to lose your docs & photos.

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