ICQ how do I uninstall with this message

So I installed this dumb app, then thought better of it and tried to uninstall through the control panel.
Everytime I try I get this message " ICQ installer is already running. You cannot run two installers at the same time.
Help please? Any assistance appreciated.

geek_nessie26, Apr 27, 9:37 am

I remember back in the day when ICQ was massive - that and MSN messenger, Ah the good old days.

geek_chrise73, Apr 27, 9:47 am

If something is already running, and you want to close it but can't, bring up Task Manager and kill it there.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 9:49 am

Hardly helpful.

geek_nessie26, Apr 27, 9:50 am

Yeah me too. I miss MSN messenger. That's when the internet was cool.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 9:57 am

ICQ used to be awesome! You could do this random friend finder thing and then choose not to talk to them if their profile looked a bit dodgy - lol it was a bit like tinder is now - except it was friends not dates. but people did get together. It was very addictive waiting for the flower icon to stop moving and show you the random persons profile.

geek_dawn1, Apr 27, 9:45 pm

it was so insecure though. People could hack the crap out of you.

geek_jcmp21, Apr 27, 9:49 pm


geek_gibler, Apr 27, 10:20 pm

You could text message cell ph's for free

geek_mrfxit, Apr 27, 10:38 pm

This was back in 1998 though. It never happened to me back then.

geek_dawn1, Apr 28, 12:28 am

Yeah that's right. No smartphones back then though.

geek_dawn1, Apr 28, 12:28 am

hands up those who can remember their icq number by heart?

/hands up

geek_deus701, Apr 28, 12:51 am


geek_morticia, Apr 28, 2:19 am

I met my wife on ICQ.

geek_ebco, Apr 28, 4:19 am

deus701 wrote:
hands up those who can remember their icq number by heart?

/hands up[/quote

Yes. password is a different matter

geek_trade_menow, Jan 7, 8:05 am