IPhone tutorials in Chch?

rav413, Mar 27, 3:24am
Are there any classes for new iPhone owners?

jlm14, Mar 27, 3:32am
Have a look on youtube and see if you can find anything. 'iPhone Tutorial' or something should get you a few videos. I have never heard of there being actual physical tutorials before.

_drdee_, Mar 27, 3:35am
Or just ask on here for anything you get stuck with, don't be scared of playing with things, you can't wreck it.
Generally once you have figured out how to do/find one thing it becomes pretty self explanatory for all functions.

rav413, Mar 27, 3:36am
Thanks - I have Googled it but thought it would make more sense to discuss some points with an another user (or helper.

brillo3, Mar 27, 9:51am
You could always go to your local library and see if they could give you one-on-one help. You would have to book a time, unless you went along to one of the computer drop in sessions that some libraries have. I work at Fendalton and quite often do one-on-one sessions with iPads and the phones are essentially the same. I just ask my customer to think about what it is they are wanting help in learning. If you have a card, with PIN, you could also then get access to some of the apps/databases that the library subscribes to for ebooks, magazines etc

rav413, Mar 28, 8:22am
Thank you all. I didn't know about the libraries' help. I did book into one of the local Net learning centres but no-one there could help me with iphones.
I'm a regular on-line library user and will investigate that source.

crosis_nz, Apr 10, 9:04am
Have you tried your phone shop? If not part of the standard support service, some staff in there might like to earn a few extra bucks for an after work tutorial.

Tutors at one of local colleges run a free service for this type of thing and even have a small computer lab funded by local trusts. Also, depending on age, seniornet in your area may run smartphone classes too. They might allow someone younger if you are paying the course fee.

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