Help with new operating system win7

gramma, Feb 17, 3:02am
Installed both discs window pops up saying. install a driver for network adapter. windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. if you have a network adapter you will need to reinstall the driver. where and how do I do this without an internet connection. please help simple English older lady. thanks

lilyfield, Feb 17, 3:20am
download it on another pc and put it on a usb flash drive

at a friends or relations place

king1, Feb 17, 3:21am
you do this on another computer with an internet connection. go to manufacturers website and download from there

gramma, Feb 17, 3:51am
Thanks to you both for your advice.

cookee_nz, Jul 31, 8:52pm
rare for win7 not to find a network driver, what is make and model of the system?

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