Konka TV

Red standby light won't respond to the remote with new batteries, or a new universal remote ?

geek_coolthree, Apr 30, 6:28 pm

Unplug it, press power switch a couple of times and try again.

geek_wayne416, Apr 30, 7:25 pm

thanks i'll try that wayne416

geek_coolthree, Apr 30, 7:47 pm

Had this problem last year, had to take it back to HN , turned out it was an IC ? problem and was fixed under Warranty.

geek_joberri, May 1, 8:27 am

We have a small konka in our dining room, and the remote frequently won't work. I found that by simply dropping the remote flat onto the table from about 2 feet high that it would then work for a while, then another drop would make it work for another while. As a retired TV tech I should be able to open up the remote and fix it, but it's easier just to drop the thing. If it no longer works with a drop then I'll have to fix it I guess.

geek_cjdnzl, May 2, 7:41 pm

Point the remote into the camera on your phone to check if it's putting out a signal.

geek_chito, May 2, 10:04 pm

What about turning ON the TV from the TV itself, does that works?

geek_flower_tears, May 2, 10:27 pm

Sounds interesting? Does it work?

geek_hakatere1, May 3, 11:35 am

Phones now have IR cur filters so most likely not.

EDIT: Sky remote IR can be seen by iPhone 5s.

geek_spyware, Dec 23, 5:14 am

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