Is this safe?

geek_leeran, Jun 4, 3:18 pm

google it, the answer will be very clear ( its crap )

geek_king1, Jun 4, 3:23 pm

another clue is the popup when you try to close the webpage, any site that does that these days is crap.

Is there actually a problem ?

geek_king1, Jun 4, 3:25 pm

Highly UN safe

geek_rummy.s, Jun 4, 3:37 pm

Gee thanks I'm learning. no there wasn't a problem just came up as I went into a web site. Looked so authentic I was nearly fooled. What damage would something like this do?

geek_leeran, Jun 4, 4:37 pm

install a bunch of crap like toolbars, advertisement popups, hijack the homepage etc etc

geek_king1, Sep 19, 9:24 am

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