Passsword Lock Toshiba C50D?

I just recently brought the Toshiba C50D lap top, and I am trying to find where the password lock is for webpages such as facebook which at the moment comes up with the password right away.
I know there's a box you can untick in the I think its the advanced settings on Internet options but I cant remember which one it is does anyone know?
Its just so when I go into Facebook I have to type in my password rather than just click sign in otherwise anyone could sign in if they used my lap top.

geek_jace621, Feb 21, 3:06 pm

One assumes that we are talking Win8, but it shouldn't matter as the procedure hasn't changed much over time, so try this.

Open IE - select TOOLS - select INTERNET OPTIONS - select CONTENT tab - at auto complete select SETTINGS - uncheck USER NAMES AND PASSWORDS - click on MANAGE PASSWORDS - use dropdown tab at right to select whether you wish to show or remove the password - O/K out.

See how that goes.

geek_therafter1, Jul 20, 9:25 pm

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