Buying used mobiles.

want to replace my Huawei, bloody hopeless but then didn't cost much. Are used phones off tm any good? What sort of things do you have to watch out for? I was just going to try for one of those A3 Samsungs but $500! I had a Samsung for 4 years - was a great phone but got dropped a couple of times too many.

geek_hawat, Apr 4, 7:25 pm

Things to watch out for. biggest is check its not stolen if it is then it could end up on a list operated by all cell operators which would then mean its only use would be a paperweight. ask for the imei number to check. if traders wont supply it move on

geek_trade_menow, Apr 4, 7:45 pm

I have bought mobile phones in the past off trademe with good results but more recently new ones have come down in price so much that I think buying from a store when they are on special is the way to go

geek_duncb, Apr 4, 7:46 pm

The S3 is pretty old technology now. I have one and love it, but they are not worth anything close to $500.
Apart from what trade_menow said, i'd also want to know if the phone had been bought NZ new, as some phones that come off overseas websites might not be able to connect to the internet here or have all features available.
Also check what networks its for.

geek_datoofairy, Apr 4, 7:47 pm

also - if you are going to spend big money on a cell why not spend a little more and get new from a store at least then you'd know its not stolen , will work with the network you chose and will be covered by warrenty but if you do go with a 2nd hand cell all you can really do is ask ask and ask - honest traders wont mind the questions

geek_trade_menow, Apr 4, 7:56 pm

thanks guys, I was edging towards buying a new phone but saw the used prices here and was a bit interested. But all in all I think I'll buy a new one. Oh toofairy its an A3 not an S3. Its new and got semble or something which means if you bank at bnz you can use it eftpos AND the bit that I really like, you can make calls using voice activation.

geek_hawat, Apr 4, 8:19 pm

semble is a app that can be downloaded from the google play app store , you'll need to get a special sim to use it thou and from what ive read only works with asb and bnz ( so far )

geek_trade_menow, Apr 4, 8:29 pm

I will look for signs of water damage, often some wont mention it on their auction. If you can, buy new from shop.

Semble is an app, more phones will be supported soon.

geek_rz_zone, Apr 4, 8:31 pm

The A3 is quite a low end phone for the money - it's actually lower specced than an S3 in a lot of ways.

BTW voice activation is a standard feature of any smartphone, and Semble should eventually work on any phone with NFC

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 4, 9:24 pm

Semble relies on a low-level SIM API which isn't available on all phones, so it probably won't ever work on the Nexus devices for example.

geek_drsr, Apr 4, 9:53 pm

all good stuff. Advice you get on here is gold! Firms up my intent to buy new. Maybe wait until an A3 comes up on special somewhere. Spent $3k on desktop and printer from Noel Leeming a year ago so they might be receptive to some arm twisting.

geek_hawat, Mar 23, 3:18 pm

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