Ipad will not pick up Wifi; tried resetting it

leebee35, Feb 9, 7:58am
mmm I'm having the same issue - new Ipad and trying to just get the thing to start and it will not pickup any networks!

spyware, Feb 9, 9:06pm
Try setting the channel on a access point/router to a 20 MHz wide channel between 1 and 11 (may also pay to do a wireless survey with inSIDDer) rather than auto (I'm assuming 2.4 GHz).

nadznz, Feb 10, 5:55am
Hold down both home button and off button at the same time until it goes off then turn back on again.

infinityjrc, Jan 11, 4:49am
Hi Ipad air will not pick up wifi address but will not pick it up; says no service but it is available in the wifi networks that it displays; but doesn't or cannot connect. I went on line and it said to put it in airplane mode and to then switch off the modem for a few minutes and then in flight mode to reset the network; I have tried this but it still will not work; it won't work on any other wifi network either; yet the iphone and PC will. It did this last week and I noticed that somehow (I didn't do it) that Wifi was turned off on the tablet; so that was the first thing I did check; then all of sudden it just stopped being able to pick up the connection. Can anyone tell me if this is a bug or something that apple has to fix or is something that I can fix? No point having an IPAD if I have to turn on the PC.
Thanks for any help that you give me on this I am not apple savvy but have come to depend on using the ipad.

lilyfield, Jan 11, 4:53am
Have you actually rebooted? Shut down and leave it off for a few minutes.?
turned off the slider ?

loud_37, Jan 11, 5:57am
Have you put the WiFi password in when you select the correct WiFi connection

infinityjrc, Jan 11, 6:18am
Hi Yes I have rebooked and turned off the slider.

infinityjrc, Jan 11, 6:20am
Hi no I haven't put in the wifi password; it seemed a bit odd when I went to that screen and seemed to jam up and not let me type that in; by the way how would it loose the wifi identity, it has worked fine for the past year?

lilyfield, Jan 11, 6:27am
reset the router?

infinityjrc, Jan 11, 7:26am
By that do you mean un plug it? If so I have done that several times now, then switched it back on; put ipad into flight mode, before I have done that; then switched it back on and tried to reset the network.on the ipad . wha wha still not working.

lilyfield, Jan 11, 7:35am

but I don,t think it should be in flight mode

davidt4, Jan 11, 7:58am
Try this. Go into WiFi settings and tell it to forget your network. Then tell it to find networks, tell it to join your network and type in the password. This has worked on my iPad a few times when travelling and having to join new networks. I know it sounds odd.

brycer, Jan 11, 8:02am
Yes this if a reboot did not fix it

snoboard, Jan 12, 9:36am
our ipad mini did this, we spent hours trying to get it to work, in the end we had to put it on static and manually enter everything in for it to connect
forgetting the network didnt work and neither did taking all security off our wifi

infinityjrc, Jan 12, 9:51am
Hi when I try this fix telling it to forget the network where do you find that command I cannot find it; in Wifi I have a locked sign, the wifi signal icon and a round circle with an I symbol in the middle; there is no actual command that says forget network; in the network commands I cannot find this either there is reset; I did they as per the tech website and still no service. This may be my ineptness but I did check all the settings and options and there isn't a forget network (well one that is obvious on the IPad air); could someone if they don't mind give me a step by step? Otherwise should I take it into the apple shop in Newmarket. On the net it said that this was a problem caused by the 8.1 upgrade and if that is the case why doesn't apple stop offering the upgrade if it causes a bug? Any help with this would be appreciated the ipad is useless to me if it doesn't connect to the net; I am beginning to think this is an apple self destruct mode.

remmers, Jan 12, 10:14am
Touch the circle with the i inside (i=information). Next screen touch "Forget this network".

king1, Aug 30, 5:22am

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