Computer wont accept any printer?

sheryl13, Apr 28, 9:26pm
We have 2 printers here at home, ive used them before on my main computer. All of a sudden it wont accept the printer, i go through the process but it just cant find it, yet it comes up at the bottom right hand of the screen. dont really want to go and buy another new printer to see if that works. Ive gone on line and done all the online options

r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 9:28pm
What is your operating system? Windows XP/Vista/7/8?

cookee_nz, Apr 28, 11:34pm
. and how are the printers connected?, USB, Wifi (or Cable direct to the Router)?

ianab, Apr 29, 4:24am
Without knowing more details you can try this.

Go to control panel and remove the software for those printers from the "programs area" , and then the printers themselves from the "printers" section.

Then reboot the machine, reconnect the printer, and see if it re-installs.

No guarantees, but it might just work. It wont makes things any worse at least. Worst case, you still can't print.

Otherwise, we probably need more info, and to fault find a bit deeper.

sheryl13, Apr 29, 4:41am
operating system is xp and connection by usb

sheryl13, Apr 29, 4:42am
yes i did that, and no nothing

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 5:31am
Exact text of any error message would be useful.

cookee_nz, Apr 29, 5:38am
Do the printers themselves actually print, ie a test page from the printer rather than the PC?, you may have a single job stuck in the print queue causing all other jobs to fail. Open the printer icon and delete all pending jobs.

sheryl13, Apr 29, 7:20am
no because ive been using it today on my laptop.when i connect it to my computer the icon comes up bottom right, but cant seem to find it. keeps going to add printer and then when i do it saysinsert cd to add printer

wayne416, Apr 29, 7:26am
Go to makers website and download drivers and install.

cookee_nz, Apr 29, 7:59am
This would probably be the most reliable method, make sure the printer is disconnected when you run the driver setup program because it will tell you when to plug it in. Just wondering, have you tried the printer cable in different USB ports on your PC?, USB can be a pain because if you change ports, it needs to reinstall the driver for that particular port. If you had the printer originally installed on a particular port on the PC, sometimes just returning the cable to that same port will be all that is required.

sheryl13, Apr 29, 8:06am
have tried in different usb ports yes. thankyou i will try what you have suggested

sheryl13, May 2, 8:55pm
can you send me the link for "makers" i cant find it and whatever im downloading for print drivers they are wanting money

spyware, May 2, 9:06pm
Maybe you could post the make and model number.

cookee_nz, May 3, 6:33am
LOL, 'makers' means 'manufacturer', ie the brand. The all important missing apostrophe must have confused you - ("maker's").
I'm picking it's either a Brother (, HP ( or other well-known brand. I'm sure you can figure it out now

sheryl13, Nov 26, 8:09am
still having no luck

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