Hotmail help.

raelene19, May 12, 10:08pm
My hotmail account is locked. I have tried to recoved it but cant give them enough info. In my e-miled address is my tickckets for my holiday how do i sort this? Is there someone i can call or e-mail directly?


raelene19, May 12, 10:21pm
I would really like my e-mail address back as well any ideas?

king1, May 12, 11:20pm
if you can't provide enough info then you are basically out of luck.

All I can suggest is go through the form again slowly, take your time and do not be rushed. Read the questions carefully. To my knowledge there is no phone number or email address you can ring.
If you cannot provide any correct info about the account you cannot expect them to hand over access to the account - you could be anyone.

If you get access back make sure the first thing you do is correct the presumably incorrect recovery email address and phone numbers.

sparkyz, Nov 26, 4:11am
Did you set up an alternative email address, or phone number, to send an unlock code to?

Slowly go through the form as king1 advised.

Can you contact a couple of people that have sent you emails recently, or you have sent emails to?
Ask them what the exact subject was for each email. Enter these details on the form. I managed to get my locked outlook/hotmail accounts opened recently by doing this.

I have now set up a gmail address and mobile phone to get the unlock code.

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