My son needs a I pad for school and asked apple about there refurbished one and paying one off but I need a gem visa to get the financing. Is there anyway of getting one. With out the hassle of being a low income family and had a silly debt that went to baycorp which has been paid?

geek_00755, Feb 21, 12:21 am

You don't need an iPad. A internet capable device, sure. But I can't believe that it must be an iPad. I'm sure most $1-200 tablets will be more than adequate. As long as you steer clear of unbranded "generic" tablets you'll be fine.
I stand firmly in the opinion that a laptop is far more appropriate in schools than a tablet.

geek_oclaf, Feb 21, 12:36 am

I agree with you. But the kids have to have an iPad as they use the apps from apple. Which the school gets discounts on the apps for the kids. Wish they could get apple to give the kids iPads and we just pay weekly to the school as my son is missing out and will probably be teased as being one of the poor kids

geek_00755, Feb 21, 12:58 am

You can get the 1st gen iPad mini from the Apple refurbished store for about 330 last time I checked. Still a very capable device.

geek_mazdasix, Feb 21, 1:18 am

Seriously? Apple is locking schools into their system? That is not cool. If I had a kid at a school doing that sort of shit, I'd kick up such a stink. Should not be allowed to happen in a public school.

geek_oclaf, Feb 21, 11:26 am

Agree. What is the Education Dept. doing about Apple effectively hijacking the education system?

geek_johnhb, Feb 21, 12:31 pm

Developers make the best education apps for Apple.

Think of it like a textbook, the $400 textbook allows your child to learn a lot, the $200 doesn't. It's the developers you should be blaming for making the best education tools for iPads

geek_jon9, Feb 21, 5:46 pm

Citation Needed

geek_oclaf, Feb 22, 5:36 pm

Can I say. bollocks!

geek_soodanim, Feb 22, 6:14 pm

You may not like it but its true. Also if you are in the IT industry or at least have basic knowledge of tech, an apple device is very well supported and will remain very useable in 3-4 years time. Your $200 tablet very likely will be rubbish at that point. Need a citation? Show me a $200 tablet from 3 years ago that is still able to be used as well as a 3yr old ipad.

geek_audi_s_ate, Feb 22, 7:37 pm

Think you missed the point, forcing parents to purchase one and schools allowing apple to do it is still bollocks.

geek_soodanim, Feb 22, 9:13 pm

Allowing Apple to do what exactly ?

geek_jon9, Feb 22, 9:34 pm

Of course a $200 tablet won't be. But you're comparing a $600-700 iPad with a $200 tablet. not really comparing apples to androids (that was funny in my head).

Buy a nice $500-600 Nexus device and it's a different story.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 9:43 pm

Not forgetting the amount of software for education is a lot higher on iOS than android. Seeing as we are talking about tablets for an educational use. You can pickup a 2nd hand iPad 3rd gen or 4th gen way cheaper than $600 anyway and unless you knew what to look for would look almost identical to a newer one. Thus would lead to children not getting bullied etc

geek_jon9, Feb 22, 9:48 pm

What can't you see. ?
Forcing parents to purchase their products and use their apps.

geek_soodanim, Feb 22, 10:32 pm

Ok I'm no Apple fanboy but I don't see your logic. How is Apple forcing anyone to do anything? It's the developers that make the apps. If they're not making them for Android, it's really just an easy win for Apple.

And I'm not saying they don't make them for Android (I honestly have no idea). But there must be a reason schools are wanting to stick to Apple?

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 10:36 pm

Sorry, SCHOOLS should not be forcing parents to buy specific devices because of certain apps they've decide to use.

geek_soodanim, Feb 22, 10:40 pm

Oh, yeah. totally agree with that.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 10:43 pm

Schools do that because uniformity is much much MUCH easier to deal with. It's pretty damn obvious.

geek_-mung-, Feb 23, 12:13 am

They could choose a cheaper option of uniformity, not overpriced and overrated products. The need for these devices in schools is ridiculous.

geek_soodanim, Feb 23, 12:27 am

overrated according to. ?

geek_-mung-, Feb 23, 12:50 am


Welcome to the future.

geek_jon9, Feb 23, 9:10 am

They could, but then what about all the parents who've already got ipads and have to buy another device just for school? That's even more ridiculous.

geek_tillsbury, Feb 23, 9:19 am

Except that iOS is by far the best supported platform for education, particularly at primary school level.
My partner is a teacher and a bit of a techie, we have iOS, Android and Windows devices at home and she has used all of the above as well as Chrome books at schools as well.
At my partners current school, the school buys the iPads for the classrooms, as it is a decile 1c in an extremely rough area so students owning there own devices is not ever going to happen.

geek_brapbrap8, Feb 23, 9:55 am

I don't buy that, Apple is better at education is just as much unicorn rainbows as Apple is more premium build quality.

http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/13/google-challenges-apples-dominance-in-schools-with-google-play-for-education-now-shipping-on-new-tablets/ https://www.google.com/edu/products/devices/tablets.html?utm_referrer=http:%2F%2Fgoogleforwork.blogspot.co.nz%2F2013%2F11%2Fintroducing-tablets-with-google-play.html

Generally I have found the more popular edu-apps are released on all platforms and the iOS versions are the most expensive.

geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 10:23 am

tab 2.

geek_velenski, Feb 23, 10:38 am

The thing that most Android/Windows tablet fans complain about (the fact that the iPad is a closed shop) is exactly the reason that they are appealing to schools. If kids (or their parents) can't muck about with their tablets, there's less down time trying to fix them at school.

Go into any office in the country and their will be uniform laptops etc, whether Lenovo, Dell, MAcs etc, because that is the only way to keep some sort of control over what is on them, and to protect the business from people putting resource wasting, or harmful software into the business network.

Now, whether kids should have tablets at all is another story.

If the school is requiring parents to buy iPads for the pupils, the school should be ensuring that they are providing information on how to buy them at the lowest cost.

geek_cafc2012, Feb 23, 10:41 am

Show me a new $200 iPad. Then we can have this discussion.

geek_farside03, Feb 23, 2:24 pm

Well that's really great, quality of apps is important and so is uniformity. If Google can do that as well as Apple did at the start then great, cheaper more practical devices, and more schools may look to alternatives.
Who really cares about platform (especially for kids who break/lose things) as long as it does it's job well and everyone has the same thing.
The posts above though weren't in that spirit, they want to create problems rather than solve them so they can push their tiresome anti-apple bandwagon - they are not really interested in the practicalities than their own philosophy. What schools need is uniformity and predictability and a software ecosystem. If someone actually can do it better AND cheaper than apple, more power to them. And the schools.

That said, telling the OP they don't need an iPad is just bad advice. That is what the school uses. Bummer.

geek_-mung-, Feb 23, 3:08 pm

I think no single OS should be forced but all OS's should be explored. The school has the ability to use apps that are available on all platforms so it shouldn't be an issue if someone chooses to use a different option than an iPad.

In the real world it is not as if everything they encounter will be Apple, in fact it most likely will not be. Apple are seeding future customers through exclusivity which is not ideal.

To the OP: If it really is an issue for you, find out exactly what apps will be used in the curriculum and then see if the app publisher supports other platforms, there may well be no reason to specifically buy an iPad.

geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 3:52 pm

You obviously don't grasp what 'mucking' around in Android equates too.

We are talking about changing keyboard skins, default apps, icons and other cosmetics. Not exactly something that will render the device unusable to the point of down time. In fact Apple have started implementing the exact same sort of customisation.

Unless you are talking about the rooting process, which you can do with Apple via jailbreaking as well, so the same issue exists on both platforms equally.

geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 4:01 pm

But they don't do it to teach computing or how to get stuff working on multiple devices. that is exactly what they are trying to avoid. It's probably for maths or English or History or whatever.
Troubleshooting and support - especially when the teachers themselves may not be tech-savvy, is what they want to keep well away from. They just want to say "okay kids get out your [whatever] and go to [whatever app] and start here", not spend the first 15 minutes getting everything working. Nor do they want "I didn't do my homework because my xyz device blah blah blah." or stories of how some device that no one in the school knows how to support has filled or broken down.
They want stuff that works, is reliable and predictable and has exactly the same app on everyone's screen as the teachers so they can plan a lesson without dealing with unimportant crap. That is what they want, that is what they ask for, anything else is counter productive.

geek_-mung-, Jul 13, 9:05 pm

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