Can someone tell me please.

I've just made a lot of additions in to Word document and when I went to close & save I got this message; " Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error". So annoying as don't want to lose a morning's work.

geek_leeran, Feb 18, 2:24 pm

try saving in a different location, as a different file name.

Your computer is saying you don't have access/permission to modify that file or file location.

geek_willfam, Feb 18, 3:08 pm

Thanks. yes it has happened before but I don't know why esp as a similar document that I've altered will save no problem. Could it be that it's too big? The one I'm trying to do is several pages long.

geek_leeran, Feb 18, 4:20 pm

just save it to a new location, perhaps change the name ( add a zero to the end of the name)
windows has its own reasons for creating these issues, and mere mortals are not supposed to understand

geek_skin1235, Feb 18, 4:53 pm

also, what version of word, if 365 is it still current or has the subscription lapsed

geek_skin1235, Feb 18, 4:57 pm

worst case scenario, print it to file and save the file as a .rtf file, or even convert it to pdf, you can convert it back once the issue with office is sorted

geek_skin1235, Feb 18, 4:59 pm

The file you altered was open in another location. maybe. Sometimes in Vista the File Permission popup window appears on the Taskbar and gets unnoticed by guess who for a minute or so, then all is well.

geek_olack, Jul 29, 9:28 am

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