New Laptop Advice Please

I am looking to purchase a new laptop for university/home. I will be studying via correspondence, watching online lectures, using office etc. Not bothered about battery life as will mostly be home. Don't do any gaming. My budget is approx. $1000, I would prefer Toshiba brand. I often have several tabs open, doing research etc. Basically I want a reliable laptop that is relatively fast, that will last me a good couple of years.(I realise my budget isn't huge). I have been looking at the following:

Am I on the right track? Any suggestions gratefully received.
Thanks in advance!

geek_kezalu, Jun 25, 9:25 pm

They'll all easily handle what you want to do with them. Any laptop over $500 will. The difference between the good ones and the crap ones usually comes down to display quality, build quality, etc.

Your best bet is to take your $1000 into a reputable computer store like PB Tech or Computer Lounge and have a play with the display model. then just buy what you like best.

As I said, in that price range you don't have to worry about the hardware being capable.

Asus is another good brand to look out for.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 25, 9:42 pm

Lenovo is another good brand. if you google Lenovo NZ you will find their online shop, which often has special prices. They have also just started selling them through retail stores, but I'm guessing that those ones could cost more (haven't checked).

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 24, 11:03 am

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