Help please ?

ahck, May 29, 6:19am
i brought a hp computer and am trying to get some farm records off my old computer ( dell about 10 years old) records are on Microsoft Works spread sheets , problem is I cant copy to new computer as it can`t read Microsoft Works documents ? any ideas , computer man from shop said new computers cant read old Word files ? is this correct ?

king1, May 29, 6:24am
iirc you should be able to do a file -> open in excel, and open it that way. You may have to change the folder to show all document types. Then save it in the new format.

Its only the file association that doesn't work ie click on the document and windows doesn't know how to open it.

ahck, May 29, 6:36am
shop assistant tried both excel and new format still didn`t work ?

king1, May 29, 7:01am
well it might depend on what version of office you have i guess but it does work as I suggested - details are here from MS Your post isn't exactly clear if you actually tried it

Otherwise you could try an online converter but not sure if they are any good.

ahck, May 29, 12:05pm
Top marks king1! you were 100% correct your idea worked great thanks very much

lythande1, Oct 5, 10:24am
Obviously not a computer man.
Probably a salesman.
As others have already said, use a converter:

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