Whats a good editing program?

blondini13, Mar 6, 9:42pm
I want to be able to make my own advertising for my business. Can anyone recommend a simple to use but effective programme for this please

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 9:49pm
Not enough info. Video? Audio? Images with text? Animated graphics? For use on web pages, flyers, signage?

blondini13, Mar 7, 1:50am
Just for newspaper ads and posting pics on social media. my product supplier gives me the imagery and I just need to ad my logo and text.

At themoment I give the imagery to the actual newspaper and they put it together for me but it actually looks amateur and tacky.

black-heart, Mar 7, 3:30am
Ask the newspaper if they accept publisher files. I doubt it.

gammelvind, Mar 7, 5:14am
I have been useing Libre Office, a neat free program with most of the features of Office. You can do everything that publisher can do, then when you want to give others a copy, export the file as either a jpg or as a PDF file. Then others can print or open the file.


soodanim, Mar 7, 5:18am
jpg and pdfs aren't the best formats for print unless it's been created by the right program.

soodanim, Mar 7, 9:42pm
Indesign is a great program for designing for print.

chnman, Jun 9, 10:26am

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