Windows 10 and Back Again

Unintentionally ?upgraded? my main PC to Win 10 on Sunday. Everything worked flawlessly but it is so cluttered with things that MSoft thinks we want. I am a minimalist so I deleted a whole lot of stuff and used it for a couple of days but gave up last night and reverted to Win 7. Again no problems except that the little arrow on shortcuts have turned into padlocks - but they still work!

Will wait until my backup PC is upgraded and take more time to explore and see if I can make the PC work the way I want to.

Anyone know why shortcut arrows have turned into padlocks?

geek_b.chapman, Aug 14, 12:56 pm

because they have been set to Read Only, right click, properties and untick read only

geek_d.snell, Aug 14, 1:26 pm

Nope, not that but thanks anyway. But when I regenerate the shortcut the arrow comes back.

geek_b.chapman, Aug 15, 11:37 am

Another thing - there are three leftover folders in my C drive.

These take up over 3Gb of space - can I remove them safely?

geek_b.chapman, Aug 15, 1:24 pm

You have to reset the permissions .
right click then click security.
click add user a box will appear with all the users for the comp. then enter users to the box click ok keep clicking ok until the padlock dissapears.
see this

geek_newbie5, Aug 15, 8:21 pm

Windows 10 disabled my mouse part way through installation.

As you can imagine that posed a problem on being prompted to click "Next" !

Then when I eventually completed the Windows 10 installation it always boots up without the mouse. It doesn't recognise the device to which my mouse is attached - a PS2 to USB adaptor.

Also Windows 10 doesn't let me run Civ4. It keeps telling me I need to be administrator to run it.

Googling shows I am not the only one to experience these problems.

Tonight I gave up trying to fix them and restored Windows 7.

My mouse and Civ4 now run as they used to.

geek_gwimweeper, Feb 16, 3:28 pm

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