Slow evening internet

ross1970, Apr 25, 3:45am

I have definitely noticed my internet slows in the evening around 8 - 8.30
Almost unusable some nights. This article at least gives me a possible reason. anyone else? Quite coincidental I see this article today after only just having a rant to others in the house last night about slow evening internet.

lucky.gadgets, Apr 25, 6:12pm
You an't seen nothing yet.

Wait till Freeview Plus is launched in a few months, everyone will soon be streaming the shows they missed straight to their tv, putting further strain on the network.

spyware, Apr 26, 1:36am
And then the mySky HDi/+ VoD service.

dawn1, Apr 26, 3:13am
I've noticed that any videos that come up on Facebook are now jittering strangely. Could this be to do with slowing down? Web pages appear to be loading slowly at all times too.

happyshopthai, Apr 27, 9:05am
tonight im getting 0.17 mbps upload
in the day i get around 9.00 mbsp the system is failing under load with netflix tv

goldy5, Apr 27, 9:11am
Broadband tonight is hit and miss, Cannot load most sites.

mycool87, Apr 27, 9:13am
i'm with spark, it's terrible. it comes down to piss poor planning.You think the isp's would have researched first on the estimated sign up rate for neflix and lightbox.

goldy5, Apr 27, 9:16am
Usually had at least 6 or 7 friends on facebook at a time tonight 3, 2 from overseas. 3rd world broadband here now.

tosca, Apr 27, 9:16am
Spark here too( Dunedin)
. Slow as molasses and some sites just not connecting.

goldy5, Apr 27, 9:22am
Same here except Trademe it loads instantly

julia925, Apr 27, 9:24am
You've got to laugh really. Typical NZ, never having to infastructure to support the product.

bryshaw, Apr 27, 10:22am
And Spark has the gall to charge exorbitant broadband rates. Why isn't the Commerce Commission looking into their misleading advertising?

trade_menow, Apr 27, 10:42am
its not upto spark - or any other isp to set the rate if you feel like complaining then you need to complain to chorus who own the copper network

trade_menow, Apr 27, 10:45am
What did you expect for ADSL - dont like it upgrade ( at least to VDSL )and if its not avail in your area Move - or suffer
Been watching american netflix for the last couple of hours with no prob's at all - and its been like that for months ( the no problem part ) - and yes i'm a spark vdsl customer

sykotik_ninja, Apr 27, 3:16pm
Last night (around 8.30ish) was the first noticeable drop in speeds for me. Lasted roughly 1 ½ hours. Before this it easily handled a D/Top (hardwired), L/Top cellphones and two gaming consoles wirelessly. I'm hoping it's short-term.

Netflix playlist is kack. I won't be upgrading.

lugee, Apr 28, 5:47am
Haven't noticed any drops on Snap. Will check tonight. But even now I'm getting >20Mbps to essentially anywhere on the planet.

trade_menow, Apr 28, 5:52am
and thats with kids on youtube and US netflix going in another room

sykotik_ninja, Apr 28, 8:06am

Wireless Laptop and roughly 18ish feet from Modem/Router. One gaming console running wireless (no moans yet from him) and a Desktop (hardwired) doing home work.

No noticeable lag tonight.

spyware, Jan 5, 3:29am
Spark had a router fail last night.

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