Tidying up my sounds directories

skin1235, Apr 12, 8:05am
and a lot of the songs names are prefixed with numerals

anybody know of a prog that will remove the numerals and then save the file


anyone here game enough to put together a small script that I could run to check each file name, delete any numeral found in the first, or first and second character of the name,( perhaps easier if just the first, and I could run it 2 or 3 times) then re-save the file with its now new name, I don't mind if it stalls if a duplicate - perhaps the option to to add a numeric to the end or delete altogether,
so far I've weeded out 9000 duplicates among the 48,000 songs

there are several directories, assuming a script I could run to check say \songs /s, ie all subs( duplicate finder was able to do this successfully, but if thats too difficult I can point it at any subs I wanted cleaned

king1, Apr 12, 8:15am
For that sort of stuff I use Bulk Rename Utility - wee bit of a learning curve but absolutely invaluable for bulk renaming of files to a pattern

http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/ http://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Screenshots.php

fordcrzy, Apr 12, 9:16am
Mp3 tag will do just that. Theres a function that will strip the sng title away from the track number

skin1235, Feb 24, 9:25pm
Bulk rename is pretty good, done most of what I wanted, see what you mean about a learning curve though

will check out mp3tag as well

thanks guys

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