How Much Should the 3G iPhone Cost?

kickpac5, Jul 9, 11:26pm
How Much Should the 3G iPhone Cost? just to give Vodafone some idea, because they seem to have none.

malarky, Jul 9, 11:27pm
$$$100000000000000000000000 A bloody heap. Cost so much per month.

soodanim, Jul 9, 11:30pm
I don't think the price of the phonethat's problem it's the plan prices that are. You can give Vodafone as much ideas as you like, they'll charge what they want to charge.

smithy66, Jul 9, 11:40pm
If they had the handset at around $300-$400 with plans around $30-$40/mth with reasonable limits (but also lets remember mobile data isn't the same as broadband data) - then that would probably see a lot more people willing to sign up for a plan and hence see them sell a sh!t-load more of iPhones (If they have enough stock of course)

kickpac5, Jul 9, 11:42pm
Actually, thats what i thought the prices would be like, but they got a reasonable figure and multiplied it, i think.

stefanie5, Jul 10, 12:15am
I would pay 400 + 50 a month for 60mins, 1 best mate, 600 txt and 500MB of data (with you tube free) i think that is reasonable.

kingpin, Jul 10, 1:44am
$1k is fine for a new product like this,.. anything less would be a radical change for us in NZ. By the way, the 16GB iPod Touch costs $599, and the iPhone 16GB on Optus prepaid in Aus costs AU$849 (NZ$1075), surely you must take those in to account

gblack, Jul 10, 3:12am
Handset - same as a Nokia N95 or any other high-end cellphone, so about $900 or so for handset only, and choose a plan. The issue really is that they cost more than other countries; it shows we have ended up with a cosy duopoly.

vtecintegra, Jul 10, 7:04am
It should cost as much as the market can bear. Given a limited allocation I think they've got it exactly right. Besides it'll just make the general release look like a bargain when the volume becomes available.

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