Bought computer off harvey norman.

ASUS is one of the top brands in the world. Reliable.
But you didn't look at the specs. that particular model doesn't have a very powerful CPU.
Your problem for not doing your homework.

geek_lythande1, Jun 4, 8:19 am

I would guess that the guys at HN probably told you that spending a bit more would get you a much more capable machine and that this one is only suitable for very basic tasks (as they would be telling the truth and also wanting more commission on the sale), but you told them that either this is all you wanted to spend or that it would do the tasks you wanted?

geek__drdee_, Jun 4, 8:22 am

These computers are a piece of crap and my customer was not happy how slow it was but it was virtually like it from new, i couldnt do much to make it faster, anyway linux would run well on it i would imagine, but for the money look what you can get for around the same money even though its second hand, this was a $1600-$2000 computer when new.

geek_nzoomed, Jun 4, 9:40 am

Well happy to report - I downloaded all the updates overnight, restarted her and shes good as gold! (so far. ) sure it aint that fast but as I'm typing the letters are actually going on the screen WHILE I'm typing. Thank you for the advice about updates etc. i thought new computers were just a plug in and go sort of thing. Now i do have what i paid for, a no frills computer that i can browse the net and check emails. i think a lot of you missed the point that what it was doing was substandard even for a crappy computer

geek_nzgrooverider, Jun 4, 9:56 am

(OMG I could cry its going so good!) im going to go and see HN today anyway and tell them my experience. new computer owners should be aware of all this stuff the computer has to do before its ready to go. i was going to go and demand my money back!

geek_nzgrooverider, Jun 4, 9:59 am

I use Win7 and not sure if Windows Update works the same way in Win8, but when faced with a new computer, or if I have just restored a backup image going months back, the first thing I do is to MANUALLY run Windows Update, rather than let it do it in the background as I find it faster and will get them out of the way all at once.

geek_chnman, Jun 4, 10:10 am

With such slim rations in terms of hardware, you'd do really well to get rid of all the crapware pre-installed on it.

Unfortunately knowing what to uninstall without losing things like function keys etc can be difficult for a non power user (though power users usually just blow it all away and install a fresh retail Windows)

geek_lugee, Jun 4, 3:53 pm

I think nzgrooverider has a legitimate complaint. After all you buy a laptop with windows preinstalled with X specifications. Unless you are *aware* that this is a small truck with a massive rock on the back you are fooled?

geek_jh34, Jun 5, 8:31 am

Yes, this is the penalty of buying from "box shifters" like HN. A specialist will deliver in an "updated", ready to use state.

geek_bwg11, Jun 5, 10:34 am

More like a Ford Ranger with a Focus motor.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 5, 10:48 am

Would you go and buy a new car without doing the appropriate research?

It amazes me when people make a purchase like that without jumping online and Googling the model number first.

The laptop does what is intended - it's just slow. As I would expect for ~$350. If it was nice and fast, more expensive laptops would be redundant. Just like how a V10 supercar costs more than a Toyota Corolla.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 5, 10:51 am

Seriously - they have advertised exactly what it is - you have only yourself to blame for not doing the research

Its not different from buying one of these

its not illegal for them to sell them - its not even unethical. They offer to sell. you accept, or otherwise. caveat emptor

geek_king1, Sep 16, 9:13 pm

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