Using a TV as a monitor?

instantly, Dec 2, 11:43pm
My son wants a TV but also wants a bigger monitor for his gaming comp, I said he can have a TV and use it as a monitor as well so he has two in one but he recons the picture quality would be cr##p is he right?

intrade, Dec 3, 12:11am
i only use the 40 inch full hd tv as monitor here , have no other working monitor in my place other things are laptop and tablet with own screens
You just connect via hdmi solong as the tv is full-hd
so what res is your tv?

vtecintegra, Dec 3, 12:18am
Its fine for videos and maybe a bit of gaming, but TVs are not suitable for general PC usage.

bronzeblood, Dec 3, 12:24am
I use a 32" LG tv. Its fine for general use and gaming. No eye strain at all.
Just make sure Its Full HD or 1080p. I wouldn't go above 32 inch as the pixel density becomes a bit low.

lythande1, Dec 3, 12:33am
TVs have lower resolution than monitors, yes.
Son has a 32" HD TV but my wee 19" monitor outdoes his with a resolution of 1680.

However it's not crap, just less.

intrade, Dec 3, 12:34am
euro truck simulator i on my samsung led 1080 with 40 inch is awsome

terry012, Dec 3, 10:12am
Am running 1920x1080 on a 32 inch Vivo TV,,no video lag with a 2gig card on ultra settings in BF3 BF4 and AA3.

daikiwi, Dec 3, 4:38pm
I have 32" Samsung and a Vivo TVs that I use as monitors (one mainly, one occasional). Both are 1080p (FullHD). I too wouldn't recommend going larger than that for general PC use (as opposed to gaming). The Vivo is definitely a lower quality screen. It doesn't seem to run the full colour gamut. I'd avoid getting a house/no-name brand in future. The Samsung is great though.

kieran211, Dec 3, 5:59pm
some tvs have a pretty annoying input lag which makes them almost unusable for gaming

slowenemy, Dec 4, 12:07am
This is how my husband and I have our tv's set up.
I definitely like having more than 2 screens
Games like Fallout 4, The Witcher and so, look amazing at 1080p.
Don't even notice the input lag.
also enable Full RGB mode on the TV and PC, if you can.

black-heart, Dec 4, 12:11am
depends on the game, most multiplayer FPS games will be disadvantaged by the screen lag.

gpg58, Dec 4, 12:19am
i have been using my 60" sony led tv for 3 years now, nothing wrong with picture for my use. Tv even has a built in connector for use with standard monitor cable.

mm12345, Dec 4, 3:05am
I'm using a 60" TV as monitor with win10 used on an HTPC setup.
It's on a remote motorised wall mount, to turn to preset positions or tweak if needed or set back flush against the wall.
Bloody brilliant - with a few provisos. I don't play games, so don't know what input lag is like - but it's probably quite bad. The PC's graphics supports 1920x1080 @ 60p. I did in the past have a laptop which would only do 60i or 30p, and that was lousy connected to a TV.
The user experience is dependent on input devices. Using a small wireless keyboard with integral touchpad on your lap is not going to give a good experience.
About 3m seems to be optimal viewing distance, closer than that you see pixels, further away you'll need to scale text etc. But at 3m or so, it's far less tiring on the eyes than looking at a notebook or tablet screen up close for extended periods, including the MBP retina. Don't get too wound up on resolution figures alone.
You probably wouldn't want to use it to write your memoirs, for critical photo editing (which I do on my calibrated IPS monitor) or similar creative tasks, and 16:9 TV is IMO too wide ratio (16:10 is better), but for facebook, checking email, web surfing, it's absolutely fine, and for media content etc, it's absolutely fantastic.

marte, Apr 22, 4:13am
Most TVs are 50- or 60 hertz frames per second.
Some are 100 hertz and suitable for gaming.
This may be what he's talking about.

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