16 g wireless usb storage

christin, Apr 1, 4:39am
Anyone have one of these? Not wireless use adapter but a drive you can connect to wirelessly to access files on iPad etc.

Bought one, went to set up today. Downloaded the I extender app for iPad, can see drive wirelessly fine.

How do I do for my pc. The instructions say "login product website, download and install soft, . " Except I have no idea what website!

I can see as a drive on pc, but files I copy on there I can't see via app, so assume it needs to be done via software?.


ians2, Apr 1, 6:29am
I have a few 32GB Kingston Wi-Drives, are these the devices in question?

I connect them to the PC via the supplied usb lead, which incidently is also used for charging the device. I have never tried to connect to the PC via WiFi, do not see the need to do so and see no problems doing so if required. Will have an attempt to do so tomorrow, if I remember.

christin, Apr 1, 7:19am
Thanks. I copied on via usb lead. Can see on the pc but not via wi fi on the iPad.

Can see some files via wifi, which I can't see on pc via usb, so assume it sees them differently.

Did try connecting to the wifi of it on pc, but can't see the drive files as no software.

Not a Kingston (hence the download soft . Lol. Engrish at its best! ). Bought off one day.

drsr, Mar 29, 2:27pm
The drive has a little "website" on it to that you go to to download a windows application. See http://www.inwaytech.com/SERVICE1

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