TP-Link Modem connection to outdoor antenna

mnstr, Feb 5, 10:28am
I have a TP-Link 300M Modem router and want to connect a TP-Link ANT2414B antenna to it. Is this possible and if so what cable ends do I need to order. I wish to extend my wi fi range around the farm.

lostdude, Feb 5, 10:39am
First of all, there is no modem/router made by TP-Link with that model number so establish that first, but generally, if the current antenna(s) on your modem are detachable, then it will work. So you'll need one of these: One of these:

And either of these depending on how far you wish to place the antenna from the modem:

mnstr, Feb 5, 10:51am
Thanks for that lostdude

mnstr, Feb 10, 10:05pm
We have taken off one of the two aerials off the router. Put the pigtail onto the router, then the surge protector then the cable from there up to the Antenna on the roof. The Antenna is now directed over to our farm yards. We then took the ipad to the yard (direct line of sight to the Antenna) and we could not connect to the home internet. In theory is the above set up correctly?

spyware, Feb 11, 8:41am
Signal is most likely all lost over the coax cable, apart from that TPLink power output would be low anyway as consumer grade kids toy.

Use a Ubiquiti Rocket M2 with a sector antenna, run cat5 back to your network.

spyware, Feb 11, 8:49am
Or a Unifi Outdoor AP with the same sector antenna. Unifi uses a software controller that does not have to run after initial setup.

d.snell, Feb 11, 8:54am
Sticking a bigger aerial onto a home router never works well and is usually a big disappointment. Increasing the gain of the antenna without increasing the power output of the amplifier can actually lessen the range, The TP-Link will be approx. 500 mw, possibly less. To get better coverage you would need to move up to at least a 1watt xmitter. You can get 5watt setups, but not sure about their legality, but being rural, it might not be a problem. is an excellent place to start and they will give you the right advice.

spyware, Feb 11, 9:41am
More like 60 mW.

d.snell, Aug 24, 4:05pm
Yep that was supposed to be 50mW not 500, I was having a bit of a daydream when I typed that.

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