USB power supply for tablet - car charger

mdread, Feb 11, 10:46pm
Hi all, I have a chinese tablet Teclast x98 which came with a 5v - 2.5a power supply / charger. I see most of the car chargers are at most 2.1a. Would this likely to be ok or would it cause a problem and overheat etc? I actually have another smalelr teclast tablet x80h and that came with a 2.1a charger, so it makes me think the x98 must need the 2.5a. Any thoughts for the car charger?

macman26, Feb 11, 11:02pm
Should be OK. Just take longer to charge. You need to watch some of those cheap tablets and power supplies. I have a Nextbook and if I charge it off a HP USB power supply and try and use the tablet it has a melt down ( curser goes all over the place, keyboard types random letters when typing)

Try it and see. Shouldn't harm the tablet

mdread, Feb 12, 12:21am
ok might try it, i was more concerned that the power charger / socket that i buy that goes into the cigarette lighter would get hot/melt

lugee, Feb 12, 3:20am
It won't if it's a good one. It might set your car on fire if it's a crap one.

drsr, Aug 22, 3:15pm
You can get higher-powered car chargers, e.g. search Aliexpress for "3A car charger" or preferably "4A car charger" as they tend to overstate things.

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