Keyboard Issue

moonnz1, May 12, 11:11pm
Having major problems with my keyboard. Will be working fine but then just stops working. I thought the keyboard needed replacing so got a new one Logitech Wireless Combo Mk270 . Have checked the keyboard setup and looks ok. Strange that it works and then stops. Help need some advice!

r.g.nixon, May 13, 1:38am
When it 'stops', does the mouse pointer still move around the screen? Can you click on and open things still?

moonnz1, May 13, 2:19am
Yes mouse still works and can click and open

r.g.nixon, May 13, 2:23am
Have you tried the keyboard in a different USB port?

moonnz1, May 13, 2:26am
Hi yes have tried that but no difference.

r.g.nixon, May 13, 2:54am
Was the previous keyboard wireless or wired?

moonnz1, May 13, 3:00am

r.g.nixon, May 13, 3:07am
I've had little experience with wireless, and it was long ago. Someone else may jump in and tell you what button to press on the keyboard and/or receiver unit thingy.

schizoid, May 14, 4:21am
have you tried changing the batteries?

mm12345, May 14, 5:23am
Quite possibly this ^^^
My Logitech wireless keyboard will crap out due to low battery - despite the Logitech "Setpoint" monitor reporting battery condition as "good".
The battery monitor for the mouse seems to be more accurate.

sparkyz, Nov 26, 4:20pm
Is the receiver in line of sight with the mouse and keyboard, or hidden behind the computer?

We had issues with our MK250 until I put the receiver on a lead above the computer.

As advised, fit a new battery first to make sure that is not the problem.

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